About Hydration

Proper hydration is essential for optimum performance. Hydration doesn't start a few minutes before an event, you need to start hydrating at least the day before. A simple exercise to determine your hydration requirements is to weigh yourself before a game/event & then weigh yourself immediately after (just wear your underwear because your top shorts etc will have absorbed sweat & give a false reading), some recent research recommends you need to take on 150% of what you have lost in the first 3 hours after exercise, if you loose 500 grams then you need to take on 750ml of fluid. If you are a prolific sweater it can be difficult to replace the amount of fluid you loose during a game/event so it is important to correctly hydrate before & after an event.

In summary - hydration is vital to your performance & recovery. Don't try something new on the day of your event, always test new hydration regimes during training.


Verofit Isotonic Drink

Verofit Isotonic Drink
Price: $22.50
Sporting Club Rebate: $1.12  What's This?
+ $5.00 Postage

RRP: $25.00

Verofit Regeneration Drink

Verofit Regeneration Drink
Price: $16.00
Sporting Club Rebate: $0.80  What's This?
+ $5.00 Postage

RRP: $18.00

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